SHE 2024 - May 14-16


SHE 2024

Scientific summit of ICT & Health World Conference 2024.

Exploring Healthy living through Living Lab realm.

Dear Colleagues, Researchers, and Innovators,

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to the upcoming SMART HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTS (SHE2024) International Conference, presented in partnership with ICT&Health, a prominent platform shaping the future of healthcare both in the Netherlands and globally. Join us for this transformative event!

Conference Focus: Healthy Living and Sustainable Happiness
SHE2024 goes beyond boundaries, immersing itself in the intricacies of Healthy Living and the creation of spaces for sustainable happiness. The synergy among the built environment, healthcare, and technological innovations propels us to confront both scientific and practical challenges. This prompts a profound exploration aimed at cultivating an environment that not only promotes individual wellbeing but also contributes to a more enjoyable and fulfilling living environment for all of us.  

Living Labs: Catalysts for Exploration
Living labs emerge as pivotal spaces for this exploration toward a healthier, more inclusive, and caring environments. Recognizing their unique role, SHE2024 leverages Living Labs as transformative platforms. Here, we address pressing global challenges: the complexities of ageing societies, increasing social economic health differences, the imperative for sustainable and human-centered solutions, and the shortage of (care) professionals. The conference serves as a global stage to delve into the collaborative potential of Living Labs, navigating challenges collectively on a worldwide scale.

Balancing Social Capital and Respecting Nature
The commitment to healthier living extends beyond personal wellbeing. SHE2024 places a significant emphasis on nurturing social capital within communities and underscores the imperative to respect and preserve nature. As we navigate challenges at the intersection of the built environment, healthcare, and technological innovations, our collective efforts strive for solutions that not only contribute to individual wellbeing but also enhance the collective health of our communities, all while honoring the natural world. Join us at SHE2024 to be part of this dynamic exploration, where ideas converge, innovations thrive, and our shared commitment to healthy and sustainable living shapes the future.

Empathic & Caring Living Environment

Adaptive and Regenerative Built Environment

Citizen Science, Smart Art & Place Making

Indicated Health & Smart Health

Smart Homes & Inclusive Communities‚Äč

Healthy Cities & Nature-Based Living Concepts

Conference dates: May 14-16, 2024
Location: Maastricht Exhibition & Conference Centre (MECC), Randwyck district, Maastricht, The Netherlands


This scientific conference is organized by DEEL in collaboration with ICT & Health World Conference 2024.