Paper sessions

Healthy cities & Adaptive housing 

Tuesday, May 14 |  12:00 -13:00

Understanding Household Willingness to Provide Demand Response and its Impact on their Electricity Cost
Sara Willems and Dirk Saelens


Observable behavior and affective states of people with dementia during wayfinding: a pilot study in two nursing home corridors
Leonie van Buuren, Daantje Derks and Masi Mohammadi


Understanding Window and Door Opening Behavior in Dutch Social Housing for Digital Twins
Olivia Guerra-Santin, Luyi Xu, Sjoerd Offringa and Sara Willems

Strengthening the integration of health in urban spatial planning. Lessons learnt from the development of a practical tool

Dorus Gevers, Sandra Akkermans, Mare Knibbe, Marijn van de Weijer and Joop de Kraker


Feel the natural work rhythm

Liesbet Rabbinge, Masi Mohammadi and Marleen van Beuzekom

Smart Health 

Tuesday, May 14 |  12:00 -13:00

Guiding Dynamic Adaptive Decision Making

Anke Aarninkhof-Kamphuis, Hans Voordijk and Geert Dewulf


VR-based Body Tracking for Homecare Training

Maximilian Neidhardt, Sarah Latus, Lennart Maack, Stefan Gerlach, Felix von Brackel, Björn Busse and Alexander Schlaefer


Implement Virtual Reality, Digital Twin, and Artificial Intelligence in Social Housing Renovation Project Based on Blue Zones Concept

Chuan Ma, Peyman Najafi, Olivia Guerra-Santin and Masi Mohammadi


VR-enabled Digital Twin System Architecture of User-centred Living Labs: A UX study with older adults

Peyman Najafi, Gerald Gosselink-Ramos and Masi Mohammadi

Empathic & caring living environments

Wednesday, May 15 |  12:00 -13:00


Shifting Agency Positions in Health and Wellbeing Transitions

Maurice Coen, Karin Landsbergen, Frits Schultheiss, Frank de Feijter and Erik Jansen


The impact of types of residential buildings on older adults’ social interactions in Dutch social housing

Kim Hamers, Nienke Moor, Masi Mohammadi and Theo Arentze


Farmyard sharing initiatives in the Netherlands: a state of the art

Nienke Moor, Moniek van Loon, Kim Hamers, Korrie Melis, Masi Mohammadi


Cook3r: Designing a smart user-centred cooking aid for enhancing autonomy and nutrition in Dementia Care

Masi Mohammadi and Liesbet Rabbinge


Clinical Decision Support Strategy for Enhanced BPSD Management with LLMs

Parsa Safaee, Niloufar Sheykhi and Hugo Hu

Citizen science, smart art & place making 

Wednesday, May 15 |  12:00 -13:00

Validity of Citizen Science A qualitative and arts-based evaluation from the perspectives of citizens, academics, artists and ICT-specialists
Tamar Shahinian, Leonie van Buuren, Marja Peltenburg, Marlene Hoynk, Dannie van Bemmel, Somaya Ben Allouch, Masi Mohammadi, Saskia Robben, Marwan al Morabet and Barbara Groot-Sluijsmans

Co-creation as an incentive for enhancement of public familiarity: Interactive artwork in the neighbourhood to connect
Sophie Peters, Masi Mohammadi and Gerald Gosselink-Ramos

Living labs for impact in community-based health promotion: Working together in research, education and practice.
Karin Dijkstra

Measuring the lived experience of older adults with dementia: lessons learned from an explorative mixed method approach
Leonie van Buuren, Coosje Hammink, Masi Mohammadi, Daantje Derks and Nienke Moor

Enhancing Public Familiarity in Semi-Public Spaces through Creative and Digital Placemaking: A Scoping Review of the Literature
Peyman Najafi and Masi Mohammadi

User-centered smart healthy environments

Thursday, May 16 |  11:30 -12:40

Evaluating Perceived Restorativeness of Natural Landscapes through Virtual Reality: The Effects on Mental Health of Students in Design Disciplines in China

Shuang Liang, Pai Liu, Qingjun Zou, Jessica Fernandez, and Masi Mohammadi


Nature and Mental Health of Older Adults: A study investigating the efficacy of landscapes through virtual reality

Qingjun Zou, Pai Liu, Shuang Liang, Jessica Fernandez, and Masi Mohammadi


Inclusive Built Environments: Integrating Social Sciences and User-Centric Approaches from three perspectives heritage, climate, and ageing.

Masi Mohammadi, Isabel Rodriguez Maribona Rodriguez Maribona, Beatriz Pineda, Agnieszka Kowalska, Joanna Syrda, and Ignacio Pedrosa


Influential factors in window design on the mental health of older adults, a case study of Sistan region.

Nima Ettehadi, Masi Mohammadi, Shore Shahnoori


The methodological approach to the AAL4ALL project – From Smart Home to Care Home. The Portuguese piloting experiment
Bruna Franceschini, Ângela Pinto and Vera Pinto